Monday, March 10, 2008

Broken Thumb

Ok, so things are not THAT serious but I think it could've been.

Yesterday's company golf trip wasn't the best. I was on the last flight and we got delayed by idiots cutting past our holes. This resulted in us completing 13 out of 18 holes because we had to take the 3.50pm ferry. I was having an OKish game with Nazeem, Klaus and Benjamin prior, and it was improving once we started the bottom nine. I had a final score of 108 which I really can't celebrate as my best performance ever, because our flight was given pars for the final 5 holes we missed. Going by the double-bogies I was hitting, I would say my final score was more like a 118. Decent nonetheless.

Then I was back and Chun picked me up from Harbourfront. I had sent her to Raffles Place and then while I was getting out of the car I rested my right hand clutching the roof and slammed the door with my left. Little did I realise my thumb was STILL IN THE CAR!


The pain was so bad I was screaming in the car. My thumbnail's all black and blue now. And it was so painful I could hardly sleep. This morning I went to the doctor's just to get some painkillers.

Thankfully its gotten alot better and my thumb doesn't feel so numb anymore. The doctor also said its not broken. But the nail is gonna drop out in time. Haiz. And now I'm typing without using my right thumb. Peeing is tough. Buttoning clothes is near impossible. Taking out my wallet is a chore and I've gotta use my left hand to read my BlackBerry.

Haiz. Hope it dries up fast and drops out.

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