Friday, March 21, 2008

Corporate Futsal League

We've been approved to represent the company! Finally, after so many months and months of organizing games and getting people together, we will be playing weekly at the cage (futsal courts) @ East Coast against other teams in the Corporate League. We've been grouped with other banks like Barclays, JP Morgan and Credit Suiss. Hopefully we won't get whipped so badly.

First game starts next week.

The thumb is slowly drying up and I think the blood is caked in pieces. Doesn't hurt anymore and am just waiting for the thing to peel off. Shiok.

Work is busier these days. Alot of restructuring and alot more admin stuff to do. Can't wait till next month.

Flying to Bangkok on business 2 weeks from now. Should be interesting trying to conduct an English FX seminar to a Thai crowd. But lets hope for tons of success!!!

Watched Horton Hears A Who! earlier at Century Square. Quite a nice cartoon albeit a really short and simple one. Just watching the Whos puts a smile on my face. Go catch it!

And then later I'm gonna watch Jay Chou's Secret again on VCD! Muahahahhahaha!!!

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