Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Tottenham Hotspur 0 Manchester United 3

 Just when we thought Ole would get the sack.

We come back from last week’s home loss to Liverpool with a defiantly big win against Spurs on their own patch.

Can’t get more dramatic, but Ole was desperate enough to change his formation.

The 3-5-2 suddenly unlocked the potential of a Ronaldo-Cavani front two, and boy was that sweet to watch.

The dynamic duo of McFred also shined in this formation.

AWB and Shaw looked more confident, particularly AWB looking far better defensively than when he was part of a back four.

And of course even the shit Maguire came good. Still edgy and scary at times with how he lingers on the ball.

But with Varane the rock in the middle, and Lindelof to support, Maguire’s sloppy and clumsy influence was negated.

DDG didn’t even have one save to make, such was how abysmal Spurs were,

And the today we read of Spurs coach Nuno getting sacked.

I’m not fully convinced about Ole yet, but this game definitely bought him some time. Yet the coming fixture list is still really tough and things might swing from good to ugly really, really quickly.

Next up, Atalanta, and then Man City at the weekend.

Hope we can win both games.


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