Sunday, November 07, 2021

Manchester United 0 Manchester City 2

 Another week, another shite result.

This was up there with losing 5-0 to Liverpool just two weeks ago.

City was in top form, controlling the game from start to finish.

The score line was flattering to us as DDG saved us time and time again.

By the second half, we just seemed to give up.

Other than DDG and Bruno, no one else really wanted to try to come back from this, especially with City’s dominant possession play just numbing our players into submission.

So terrible, so disappointing to watch.

The most incredible stats were that our own team has more shots on target against OUR OWN keeper than against City’s keeper.

What type of joke is that?!

Ole is fully responsible for this mess.

He needs to go as he’s lost the dressing room.

The players don’t want to try for him anymore.

Yet there does not appear to be an adequate replacement.

This is so frustrating for all fans, sadly.

Another wasted season.


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