Monday, September 20, 2021

Wifey's Birthday

 So it was the wifey's birthday and we decided to spend the day together. Both of us took leave.

Has initially wanted to go to Tanjong Beach Club and I'd booked it already, but the moment we woke up, it was pouring like nobody's business. So we can to cancel due to the rain.

We had to impromptu instead.

Started with breakfast at Funan the IT Mall's Tiong Bahru Bakery. 

Then we played the VR game, which was super fun. 

After that spoiled the wifey with Japanese Omakase lunch at Mizuya.

After lunch it was Escape Room action at Trapped at *Scape.

Then we picked the kids.

Off to Hai Di Lao at 313 Somerset for dinner.

It was a good whole day. 

Wifey was obviously happy considering she dedicated a rare blog post to how we spent the day!

Brownie points earned!

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