Sunday, July 12, 2020

GE 2020

It was polling day last night.

I felt like I couldn't be lazy until I neglected to post a single mention of the Singapore General Elections.

We had nine days of hustings and yesterday was polling day.

This is a historic elections considering it was done in the midst of a pandemic so there were a lot of format changes, although I guess generally many things were similar to elections gone by.

Anyway the PAP won with about 61% of the popular vote, winning 83 seats. The big winners were the WP who won 2 GRCs and 1 SMC (Aljunied, Sengkang and Hougang) and will be represented with 10 seats. This is historically the highest number of opposition seats won since Singapore's independence.

Marine Parade, which I'm in, ended up being retained 57/43%.

I felt it was a fair elections result which left most people hopeful/satisfied/happy.

The PAP still got the overwhelming majority they wanted, albeit with the lower share of the popular vote, they will have some soul-searching and restrategizing to do.

The WP has won the most seats it ever has so its voters are happy, though they will need to begin proving that they are deserving of this telling victory. Mind you, even in Heng Swee Kiat's presence, they merely lost East Coast GRC 47/53%. Boy what an upset that would be.

Also no looney or rubbish opposition got in, so that was great.

The Singaporean voter of GE2020 is far more discerning and savvy. They want greater transparency, humility and ground work.

All parties will need to understand this better if they want to make gains in GE2025.

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