Sunday, June 21, 2020


Thanks to CB and Phase One, I grew bored at home and decided to try out a new social app called TikTok.

This is the latest social media app amongst the youth of today, very young crowd

Basically you make short 15s or 60s videos with lots of fancy editing features and post it up on social media.

Quite different from Facebook which now appears to be the social media channel of choice for 30-40 and older, Instagram which is for 20-30 young working adults. Tiktok draws the students up to young working adults crowd, which is quite interesting.

The big draw is the ability to pair the videos with music.

It is quite fun.

Looks like I am a bit addicted.

Trying to post at least one video a day.

Let's see if I become a TikTok star?

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