Monday, August 05, 2019

Gout II

Second time I'm getting a gout attack.

This is not good.

It may invariably mean I am developing kidney problems. It means my uric acid levels are through the roof and my kidneys are not processing things well enough and the leftovers form crystals near some of my joints.

Time to really change my diet and exercise more.

The attack this time is not as painful as the other time in March, but still like today it is hurting even though I have my gout shoes to help me go to work.

Hopefully it will be better by this weekend so that I can play football.

Really need to exercise more.

I think I am not in a good state of health. I might actually die sooner than I think, and probably of a cancer in my kidney/stomach/colon, one of those killer cancers.


Hopefully will be joining Pure Fitness soon and start going for lunchtime workouts.

Unlike the previous time, can you even see the difference? The swell is a lot smaller, even though it hurts still.

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