Monday, June 17, 2019

Australia 2019 Day 6 - Halls Gap, Grampians National Park

So today we were wondering what we'd do, and actually for a moment regretting opting to spend two nights up here in the mountains where the place was really so ulu and in pitch darkness all the time. Then the morning came, and we decided we'll climb a mountain. Obviously we were close to the peak already so the climb wasn't as difficult. We decided to take on The Pinnacle. The climb was about 3hrs and we started off by losing our way for some weird reason, only to find the beaten path once more and continuing our ascent. The kids were really troopers and we went through the Silent Street, which I termed the 'Ambush Alley', just a narrow pathway between the seams of over-towering rock formations on both sides. Quite amazing. When we reached the peak, it was euphoric and amazing. I felt such a sense of achievement and so did the kids. After safely hiking our way down, we went to the small little town of Halls Gap to have a pizza lunch, then it was again off to several shorter hikes before the sun set. Starting with McKenzie Falls, a beautiful waterfall, to The Balcony (Reed Lookout), and finally Boroka Lookout. By the time we were done, it was nightfall and we went back to our favourite dinner restaurant for dinner and beers. It was the best day of this trip for me.

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