Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Tough Year That 2019 Is So Far

It is mid March 2019.

The year has been really tough so far.

Maybe the toughest combination and culmination of problems I've had in my life? I dunno.

So what are the issues? Well, the big three if I'm to be honest.

Health problems have crept in.

Relationship problems have crept in.

Financial problems have crept in.

Short of elaborating on any one of these points, it is fair enough to say that they are all serious enough to have given me a few extra strands of white hairs on my head, in my nose and my beard.

Life isn't as easy as it used to be, but funnily enough, I'm still as optimistic as ever, trying to react to all these setbacks as positively as I can, trying to see the bright side and silver lining in each problem that has stumbled on this life journey of mine this particular year. Still trying to be my happy-go-lucky self that, according to my parents, have disappeared. I miss that happy-go-lucky guy. That said, would I want things any other way? I'm not sure, maybe, maybe not. There is so much that I have done, that I do, or that I will do, that I have no regrets over. So maybe this is a test for me from a higher order, given how good a life I've already had.

I am inspired by Manchester United's current manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who's inspired the team this year, from the doldrums to overcoming so much odds AND achieving all this in a very positive and free-flowing mindset and play. We can only beat whichever team that's in front of us, so whether big team or small fry, we need to face up to the challenge with a must-win attitude. And with this attitude, we have found ourselves 5th in the EPL with only 4 points separating us and 3rd place, in the Quarterfinals of the FA Cup against Wolverhampton, in the Quarterfinals of the Champions League against Barcelona. Not so bad for United considering how bleak things were in the games just before Mourinho's sacking.

So I say to myself lately, if these little pockets of inspiration can do so much, with so little, then I can do so too. In fact, if I were to view the cup half full, I would say that I still have so much, so much, to be really thankful for. My parents, my kids, my job, my home, my hobbies, my mind, just so many things.

And I'm sure that there will be more tests to come, even more intense, major and difficult to handle. But through all this, let there be learning and experience to make my life all the more eventful, interesting, and fulfilling. May I continue to prosper, laugh and enjoy the rest of my life. 2019 is the year I turn 40 years old, and how apt that having come this far, I stand at so many crossroads.

I will do my best to face this all with this exact same mindset and courage.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Jiayouz to myself!!! And to a better 2019 ahead!!!

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