Thursday, November 01, 2018

My Eventful Thursday Leave

On leave yesterday and today.

Made prior plans for a dental appointment.

Made prior plans for a massage appointment.

Here's how it went.

Wifey woke me up in the morning telling me to sleep in instead of accompanying them to school. How nice of her.

Ended up waking at 7.45am anyway because I just couldn't sleep.

Decided to go around and catch Pokemon. Today was the final day of the Halloween event and the chance for me to catch 108 Pokemon to unlock the Pokemon called Spiritomb. What a weird Pokemon name. I started out trying to take down the Siglap Mosque gym but failed and gave up quickly the moment I saw feeding activity. Then I walked to the near Siglap South CC via the Park Connector Network and managed to take down the gym at the road crossing. Pretty easy. Then it was off to 24hr coffeeshop or the LTN Shrine gym (in Pokemon jargon). Also managed to take that down. Then decided I'd just protect these two gyms rather than trying to take down a slew.

Decided to have my breakfast somewhere which I hadn't eaten in a VERY VERY long while. Soy Eu Tua @ Jalan Tua Kong. It is said that the mee pok stall here had some family relations with the one at the coffee shop beside Siglap Center. I ordered an extra large $6 mee pok dry with chilli. Wow it came with 3 fresh prawns, a meat ball and an assortment of other meats. SO MUCH better than the current Siglap Center mee pok. I really should make it a point to come here more often. Problem is that on weekends it gets so crowded that it is not really worth starting there because we'd end up frustrated and eat at the opposite 24hrs coffee shop (LTN changed to 936) instead, which is hugely unsatisfying. Anyway, I had an amazing breakfast.

I still hung around after breakfast protecting my gym. Also got the chance to battle in a Legendary raid for the Pokemon Girantina. I really like this Legendary. It looks like an absolute monster, even if its stats are crap. Ended up catching it on all three of my devices!

Then it was off back to MG for my dental appointment where the dentist which I thought had newly opened, has actually been then for almost 10 years! Wow! I didn't know. That was my first insult to the dentist. Then she was making lots of small talk and I innocently asked her whether her kids have moved out. That was my second insult because she corrected me that her kids were only still in secondary school! Alamak. couldn't save myself from there and so I kept mostly quiet rest of the check up. That aside, she did a pretty good job cleaning my teeth. Could spot that I was aggressively right handed because the left side of my teeth were much cleaner than the right side. Also her clinic has X-ray facilities, which allowed her to check my teeth for cavities. She spotted my existing dormant (slow growing one!) in between my two front teeth! Have to go see her again probably some time next year. Also have to floss more regularly.

Thereafter it was back home for a quick rest and charging all my devices before I went out again.

My massage appointment was at 3pm, so I had to set off quickly. It was my favourite massage (clean one lah don't think dirty!) place (Roxy Square) and always never failed to help massage away my back and neck aches. The moment the old China auntie began, she could tell I haven't had a back massage for too long. There were too many knots in my neck, shoulders and back. Ended up she did a splendid job for me from head to toe, even having to step all over me (she was quite big). It was funny that at one point she kept telling me not to be scared, to relax more, because I was squirming from the pain. Yet every time she said that it made me even more scared. But all in all it was a very good massage. And all for only $70. Will try to go back there more regularly.

Thereafter it was back to catching Pokemon and then buying Koi from Parkway. I'm not a big fan of Koi, in fact I prefer the one at the Parkway Parade basement. Koi is overrated and so much more expensive.

Then I took a bus to pick up my son.

I managed to get him to walk all the way to Siglap for his after-exam treat. Which was KFC. How unsurprising. He devoured a colonel burger, one Original recipe drumstick, one mash potatoes, one coleslaw, fries and root beer. What a huge appetite!

After that we walked to the nearest Pokemon gym to battle for Sharpedo and he tried to climb the exercise corner's highest pull-up bar.

Finally we got home and watched Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.

What an eventful day.

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