Friday, November 30, 2018

Hong Kong 2018 Day 4

We finally head to Disneyland Hong Kong! These decorations are on the train to Disneyland and the windows are mickey mouse shaped! So much larger than Universal Studios Singapore even if it is the smallest Disneyland in the world.

This is Pluto.

Chip and Dale.

This is the entrance greeting us.

The ticketing gates are in front!

We are through! That's the train station.

Even the tickets are so cute!

It's Main Street, USA!

HyperSpace Mountain! The boy pestered us to ride this three times!

Last chance to exit!

Space Traders!

It's a small world ride!

That song is starting to irritate me.

Winnie the Pooh ride!

Toy Story Land! That U-shape ride is called RC Racer and the boy rode it twice!


Mystic Manor was also a very fun ride!

Grizzly Gulch was the best ride in Disneyland HK IMHO.

The Lion King show!

The Royal Princess Garden where my girl got to take a picture with Princess Ariel!

Main Street again. We were quite lucky to ride all the rides before it began to rain.

The Mickey Mouse Story Book show.

Main Street at night.

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