Sunday, April 16, 2017

Pulau Ubin 2017

It has been many years since we last stepped foot on the island. In fact this is the first time the kids set foot on the island.

To get there, one had to travel all the way to Changi Village. It is now rather hard to get to because there is a lot of construction going on making way for the new Terminal 5 of Changi Airport. There is a ferry terminal beside Changi Village Food Centre called Changi Village Ferry Terminal. Bumboats operate between 10am to 9pm daily. The queues were long when we were there since it was a holiday, but it moved rather fast. The boat ride was only about 15mins.

The island still had this rustic, backward feel where all the kampung feel was there, along with the wooden old school attap housing in the town center that were mainly used for bicycle rental and drink & food outlets.

Yet there is a modern feel now with a very modern public toilet, an information center, and a few other little things such as the jetty et al. In fact the old school basketball court that I fondly remember from my scouting days has now been turned into a sheltered multipurpose hall.

We rented a bike and wanted to ride to Chek Jawa. I took a tandem bike with the boy and we did really well. He was helping with a lot of the ride. The wifey and girl had a much tougher time. The wife wasn't so steady with the bike while the girl sat in a child seat behind her. The ride to Chek Jawa entrance was about 3km and when we got there we realized it was too much uphill, so we decided to turn back. The wifey and the girl got into a minor accident along the way back, although nothing too serious.

After that we headed back, had a nice cool drink and took the bumboat back. It cost $3/pax one way so it was quite cheap for the simple but enriching experience.


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