Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Fatherhood Reflections XLI - Packing A Good Wallop

Feel quite bad, but it is time to stop her petty and selfish tantrums.

They are occurring all too frequently, be it waking up on the wrong side of bed, snacks or breakfast she doesn't like, dissatisfaction with the output of others trying to help her, or just plainly not getting what she wanted.

Today it was at the grandparents' house and grandma wanted to watch her show plus still had to let the kids watch some cartoons before she could watch her own program. The girl goes into the whiney tantrum immediately and shows attitude.

Didn't want to scold or beat her in front of the gramps, so quickly left for home.

Made her stand in the naughty room in the dark for 15mins before bringing her to her own room for a good wallop and threatening to make her sleep outside the house.

These things never feel good, but they are necessary to help them understand that these bad habits need to be kicked out before they become too selfish or empowered.


Heart pain.

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