Thursday, March 30, 2017

Coldplay In Singapore!!!

And I've got tickets!!!

Talk about third time lucky!

This time round I activated a team of eight people to prepare to buy online for me. At exactly 1pm today, the lines were open to some newly released restricted view tickets. I had tried the first release earlier this year and the moment the lines opened, tickets were snapped up in less than half an hour. All this while the screens just kept hanging on me. Then when Coldplay announced a second show the next day due to the overwhelming demand, I queued again and once more to no avail, tickets were snapped up within the hour.

Over the course of the next few months, I shied away from all things Coldplay as I didn't want to be reminded of me missing out on possibly the biggest concert of the year after Guns n Roses and Metallica (what a year of entertainment it's been for me, I know right?!). Then yesterday, two days before the first performance, the organizers announced this restricted view release.

One reason why I felt it was hard for me to get tickets was because I wanted the whole family to go together, which meant we needed four tickets sat together. Today, the group of us attempted, with simple instructions to go through with the whole click through up until payment. Only one person did it while everyone else's webpages hanged. How lucky. In eleven minutes, all tickets were sold out.

So happy!


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