Sunday, June 05, 2016

Les Miserables Singapore 2016

What a production!

Managed to catch it with the wifey last night at the Esplanade Theatre. Even bumped into a couple of friends.

After 20 years they are finally back on out shores. I still remember when they first came I was in secondary school and all the teenage boys who wanted to impress their girlfriends paid ridiculous prices (back then of course), to bring them there.

Some things haven't changed. Prices are still super high, and yet I can tell you, this production, with its stellar cast, powerful voices, live orchestra,and huge props was pretty darn worth watching.

The wifey loved it. The singing was really good. So much so that we could almost only fault the poor little girl who played Cosette when she choked on her saliva on the last word of Castle On A Cloud.

I totally recommend it to anyone!

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