Sunday, September 27, 2015

Manchester United 3 Sunderland 0

Top of the table for the first time since dunno when!

1) Anthony Martial The Real Deal
This guy is making waves for his scoring, and yet the game he does not score, he shows he has arrived. With one assist and several smart plays, I can only hope he doesn't get injured so soon.

2) Rooney Is Still Terrible
No drive, poor passing in the final third and poor leadership skills. Firstly I don't know what's wrong with him. Secondly and more importantly, why does LVG persist with him. He can't call him a good leader when he doesn't show it on the field! Bastian Schweinsteigger is a leader when he comes on the field, not Rooney.

3) Why Depay Over Young?
Also I don't understand why Young is overlooked for Depay. Young is more defensive and dependable, while Depay is wasteful but explosive. Yet the feeling is that the novelty is over for Depay.

4) Smalling And Blind Is Perfect
Don't change this CB pairing. All detractors please go eat your words.

5) Tony V Rolls Back The Years
Was nice to see Valencia get game time. It was even nicer to see him bombing up and down the right side with aplomb like he used to before his leg break. Hopefully the injury to Luke Shaw will spur him to life.

Hopefully we keep this up and win the league! 


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