Saturday, August 08, 2015

How To React To News Of Stage 4 Nose Cancer?

How do you react to a friend telling you straight up that he's got stage 4 nose cancer?

I really don't know.

For me I really didn't want to pretend like I knew what he was going through, because I don't. And it must be terrible to explain to so many people, multiple times how it was discovered during a screening to check his persistent headaches, and then see their reaction and try to rationalize their behaviours. Then people tend to react sympathetically and ask if things are in order, insurance is covered, family reaction etc.

It really must be hard.

It's things like this that puts life in perspective sometimes.

Buying insurance is important.

Thinking about your death is important.

Knowing how to communicate is important.

I felt rather sad when he told me earlier. All I could muster was a straight face and try not to look shocked. I asked him his plans and listened intently as he spoke. It takes a lot of courage to face this so stoically.

I wish him well and that he will make a successful recovery.

God bless.

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