Saturday, August 29, 2015

Aoki By Les Amis

It's the wifey's birthday weekend!

Brought her to have Japanese omakase at the highly recommended Aoki restaurant.

Having previously tried omakase at Tatsuya and Waku Ghin, I actually rank Aoki as poorer than both on preparation (theatrics), hygiene and presentation, but actually better than Waku Ghin in taste and format. Tatsuya still probably is the best ever for me.

The hygiene part was abit of a put off for me because the amount of things the sushi chefs' hands actually touch, along with making your sushi, right in front of you, is incredible. They handle the meat, rice, knives, towels, storage boxes way too often, fingers spend too much time on the actual meat and rice, and all they use to clean their hands is a bucket of water and a towel that never seemed to be changed.

Yet bar this unsightly procedure in front of our eyes, the food actually tasted good. Maybe it was the 'extras' in his hands haha. 

Total bill came up to $500 which was actually less than both Tatsuya and Waku Ghin.

We actually left the place feeling extremely full and happy, which is something I supposed was all I asked for, for such an occasion. So that was good.

I will recommend them if you like slightly more affordable high-class omakase.

Here are selected pictures:

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