Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cocktail Trail Alcohol Intake Recap

Wow. What a night.

I'm still nursing a splitting headache from last night's Cocktail Trail and shortly you will read why.

I will do a separate post for some of the cocktail bar reviews later on when I get my head right. Here, I will try my best to recap the full night program.

So right after work we began our trail starting off by heading straight to The Library, and had a cocktail called Top Secret. It had apple brandy and aperol.

Afterthat we had zi cha for dinner at this zi cha restaurant along Keong Seik. It was really good, simple fare.

Then it was off to The Cufflink Club where I had a cocktail called YOLO. It had pisco, some kind of grape brandy.

Thereafter we decided to skip the next 3 joints as they were quite out of the way, and cabbed straight to Boat Quay and started off with Mad Men Attic Bar. Just before that we dropped by the Sultans of Shave to say hi. At Mad Men we had 3 shots of Stoli, which was sour plum vodka. Kexin was singing when we were there too!

We then had a problem finding the next location, Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall. When we finally found it, we met Sam the man himself, and I had an old fashioned bourbon whisky with a peel of orange. We even snacked on a kong ba pao that was their speciality.

After a long rest and chat + phototaking at Ah Sam's, we walked towards Clarke Quay looking for that absinthe joint. We could only find an absinthe restaurant, but gave any drinking a miss. At this point we were quite high already and absinthe would probably kill us.

At last we hit the final joint on the trail, 28 Hong Kong Street. Really cool. Anyway I had this drink which had the word 'Whore' in its name. Can't remember what it was but there was a lime base to it. Could take any pictures with flash in there.

Then we were off to Clarke Quay to take the reverse bungee! Except we chose to do the extreme swing instead as we felt it scarier. What a rush!

When that was over we went to The Pumproom and had a Jagerbomb each.

Then to Highlander for 6 shots of Sex On The Beach.

Our last and final stop was AquaNova for one last bottle of Chivas.

But the key highlight was sending one drunk buddy home. We spent almost half an hour in his condo compound just dragging his body to his home. He tried to push us into the pool, threw his wallet and phone into the bushes, and then MMA-ed another friend, all before finally managing to get back.

AND that is why I have a splitting headache right now!!!

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