Tuesday, January 07, 2014

UFC Fight Night 34: MBS Singapore

First time in SEA, bloody expensive tickets ($288 for Cat B), last Saturday evening.

I'm just glad I was there to witness the real deal. 

Compared to the OneFC events I've been to, UFC really was a whole new level in terms of the fighters' skilsl, technique, fitness and violence (aggression). Enough to actually make up for all the other grouses below. And that's saying something.

What was lacking was better commentary and a better venue. Compared to the Singapore Indoor Stadium, the MBS Exhibition Hall was crappily amateurish. Seats were just pre-arranged ballroom chairs at ground level. Also the tv screens were too few and too small. Beer stands were few (only two) with extremely slow service, and charged $12 a cup of Tiger.

Nonetheless it was still a good experience and the bunch of us had tons of fun. Saw a few stars in attendance too, like Stefanie Sun, Jamie Yeo and Otelli Edwards.

Will be looking forward to the next one if it comes back to our shores!

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