Thursday, January 02, 2014

Resolutions 2014

After some careful think-through, here are my famous five resolutions I hope to achieve when I look back come end of 2014.

1) Achieve 100% Increase In AUM
With the whole trading less resolution of last year done and dusted, I think the time is ripe to increase what I have amassed. I think this is possible but it will take alot of trying, scrimping, sound investing and saving, in order to achieve. Won't be easy.

2) Achieve $500/mth Dividend Income Stream
This new ideal means I have to create some passive income for myself and not rely solely on my day job. If this year is successful, then it will prime me up for a far larger jump in 2015, assuming things go as planned. A $500/mth dividend income stream means a full year dividend payout of $6,000. This would roughly translate into an dividend investment portfolio of at least $120,000 being able to deliver a 5% yield on a yearly basis. Another resolution that won't be easy.

3) Improve My Social Circle
This was the only resolution of last year that I failed. Maybe because I'm lazy. Maybe because I'm not one of those 'tryers' who go the distance to maintain friendships. I guess what I will try to set out to do this year is either make new friends or reconnect with old ones. A modest target is to do one of either at least once a month and log them in this blog. Probably the hardest of the resolutions at this stage. Haha.

4) Continue Exercise Regime
There's nothing like staying healthy and being able to do the things I always want to do. Particularly, playing and jumping around with my kids, exercising, playing sports and be physically free as far as the limbs would allow. The target is to maintain a minimum of two exercise sessions on a weekly basis.

5) Appreciate My Wife and Family More
I guess this new addition is something I set for myself, with no tangible targets. The wifey and my whole family have been so instrumental with my current routine (juggling kids, work, social life et al) and it is something I must admit I have taken for granted at times. So 2014 is hopefully the year I can make everyone of them feel abit more apprecaited for helping make my life less turbulent and trouble-free, caring for my kids so unconditionally. We like to speak of our own unconditional love for others and not expecting anything in return. Yet we need to also appreciate those around us that provide that same unconditional love on ourselves to make our lives so much better and more fulfilling.

And there you have it! Hopefully I can achieve all of them this year!

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