Friday, August 23, 2013

The Unforgiven

After 20 long years, Metallica is finally back in Singapore as part of their Asian world tour.

This will almost surely be the last time they'll ever come to this part of the world considering how old they are.

I started being a fan after falling in love with their Black Album, which I think how most fans started out with them.

It wasn't so deep a love for the band until the Load and ReLoaded albums hit. Commercially both albums weren't really a hit, but somehow I really got sucked into their brand of toned-down thrashy metal.

Thereafter things got serious as I collected all their earlier albums, from Rode The Lightning, Master Of Puppets, ...And Justice For All, Kill 'Em All. Alot of their early songs were hardcore thrashy but some of their earliest hits were anthems.

Afterthat I got their covers album, Garage Inc, and their collaboration with the San Fran Symphony Orchestra, S&M. That was one of the best live albums I will ever own.

Most recently I had to play abit of catchup by buying their Death Magnetic and Beyond Magnetic albums.

I cannot wait to see them live tomorrow.

The wait is finally over.

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