Sunday, June 09, 2013

Singapore Car COE Prices

Are really off the roof right now.

For the same Toyota Corolla Altis model that I bought 5yrs ago, it's now going at $120,000. No thanks to the COE's phenomenal rise in the last few years.

Same 1.6L car, just a different price.

I totally support the call to revise the COE structure to levy a higher tax on 2nd car buyers while making it more affordable for single car buyers. Maybe even allow a sharp reduction in price for COE extensions beyond the requisite 10yrs a cheaper option.

We are, afterall, using our car more as a need than a want.

Else this is simply ridiculous.

It's like that funny article where my car can buy a BMW 3 series in Europe right now. Where's the logic?

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