Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Difference Between Men And Women: Dating

*NOTE* Very loosely based on actual scenario, don't come and kill me after reading this :)

Me: Hey bro, got a friend to introduce to you. Free this Saturday evening?
Bro: Pretty bo?
Me: As pretty as you are handsome.
Bro: Ok, swee.
Me: Steady. Seeya!

Wifey: Hey girl, interested to go chill out over beers with one of my hubby's guy friends this Saturday evening?
Girl: Hmm...
Wifey: Just chill out only lah, nothing more than that.
Girl: Erm...
Wifey: Ok I jio another friend for company?
Girl: Uh... Ok lor. Not sure if I'm free though. Where?
Wifey: We go for dinner? Or Beers? Or play games?
Girl: Beers please.
Wifey: Ok!
Girl: Erm, still not sure leh. Scared awkward.
Wifey: C'mon, it will be fun.
Girl: Hmm...
Wifey: Very eligible!
Girl: Eh, can I confirm with you again?
Wifey: Come lah, I know you are always complaining that you have nothing to do on Saturday evenings.
Girl: Well...
Wifey: XXX is coming too!
Girl: Ok, erm if she go then I might go lor.
Wifey: K set! So see you on Saturday!
Girl: you confirm she is going too ah?
Wifey: Yes lah.
Girl: Ok. I confirm with you again k?
Wifey: :S
Girl: What is the guy doing?
Wifey: He is working as a XXX! Good catch!
Girl: Isit?!
Wifey: Very very eligible and he is a 好人!
Girl: Wah...
Wifey: Yeah!
Girl: Then why he single?!
Wifey: too hard? Never socialize much?
Girl: Means he is boring?
Wifey: No! He is very funny!
Girl: Ugly?
Wifey: No lah, ok lor.
Girl: Ok means not handsome.
Wifey: Great personality!
Girl: Hmm...
Wifey: Come on lah, just go and chill out and catch up.
Girl: How about we go XXX and I can jio some friends along?
Wifey: NO!
Girl: Orh.
Wifey: So ok hor? Saturday evening?
Girl: Erm, scared I got something on leh.
Wifey: Zzzz, you won't have anything on lah!
Girl: Confirm XXX going ah?
Wifey: Yes, she is going too.
Girl: Eh, ok lah.
Girl: Let me confirm with you again.
Wifey: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz...

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