Sunday, July 31, 2011

Allure Of The Northeast

It is no secret that the government wants to turn the Northeastern region into another coastal residential area like the East Coast.

The HDBs are up already and now the land for private property are tendered next. All the facilities along the rivers are also up already, such as the boardwalks, sports complexes and many more are changing the landscape here. With alot more being constructed, things like a horse ranch and stable, driving range, sailing club and sea activities centre are all expected to be ready soon. Even Coney Island has been merged with the mainland.

A check on the URA planning website also shows more empty plots slated for commercial activities. Even the planned HDB BTOs are trying to tout beachfront housing.

This thus leads to the headache of wondering if we should continue to stay here or to move back to the East Coast. Admittedly when we first moved here I'd initially had my mind set to move back east once we can do so. But slowly this place grew onto me and as I watch this region develop, I can actually see a thriving new town giving the east side a run for it's money.

Even the schools here are much coveted.



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