Monday, March 30, 2009



Was on the way home. Hungry and tired and looking forward to dinner. And then we stumbled into Delifrance at Compasspoint which ruined my evening. Lousy service and lousy food. Never again!

Then in 7-11 saw a magazine young millionaires below the age of 30. TMD! Super xianz. Served as a painful reminder that with 4mths left, my first million is nowhere in sight. Damn xianz.

Not only am I insanely far off from my goal of earning my first million before I turn 30, I'm also bogged down by debt. Housing loan, car loan and credit cards (this is very avoidable!) bills leave me with hardly anything to save at all. Sigh.

Wonder what's the fastest way to earning a million dollars? Toto?

Here's something to motivate any of you with similar goals:
30 Millionaires under 30 :(

And if you're like me, thinking that you need a 10yr extension:
Young Millionaires under 40


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