Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Buangkok Exit Is Open!

The KPE Buangkok Drive exit is now open! Wow, took it on the way back from East Coast today and was surprised to find it opened! And it cuts the journey to KPE alot shorter. Yay!

We won 6 - 2 against Arthur Allens FC today! So happy! 2nd win of the season. Hehe, hopefully its the start of a winning streak for us.

Man U's only got a 1 point lead and a game in hand! Help! *bites fingernails*

And what's with Facebook looking like Twitter (though I don't have a Twitter account...yet)? Damn weird...gimme the old homepage back!

Its Bangkok next weekend for biz! Another tiring weekend for me.

Last 3 days was a flyer distributor in Suntec. Our roadshow is good and bad lah. At least we get to get out of office. Standing all day is no fun though.


Very very tired.

Looking forward to the weekend!

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