Sunday, January 18, 2009

Late Late Show

What's with the new ratings for blog posts? I'm under pressure now to post something good all the time? Where'd that come from?

Went to the Manchester United cafe at Boat Quay last night. It was so so so small! Hardly any memorabilia aside from some pictures of those who wore number 7s (Ronaldo, Beckside, Cantona, Best...) Even tried their Manchester Club sandwich for dinner which was just so-so kinda ok. For SGD14.30 (gst inclusive). Somewhat disappointing, the whole setup.

Luckily Man U won of course. I almost thought it was gonna be a draw liao and then Tevez crossed for Berbatov to head in. Damn shiok. Of course the late, late, late show at Stamford Bridge (which the Football channel happily moved to after the final whistle at the Reebok stadium) was quite a dampener. I thought it was gonna be 0-1 to Stoke and then had the agony of watching them equalise followed by Lampard scoring at the death. Pui! Copycats!

I think we're gonna win some major shit this season. Quadruple perhaps?

Its a blah weekend.

Think I'm having the worst run of luck in recent weeks and there doesn't seem to be much letting up. A slight respite over the weekend (should try to stay at home more). Think I should go see a fortune teller or something. Maybe need to tweak the bed-facing a little. Or buy To-To?!??!

Anyone got a good one to reccommend that won't anyhow cross-sell me a truck load of elemental fengshui mumbo-jumbo?

Blah blah blah...

Family is an exclusive premium that we take all too much for granted almost always.

Economic conditions are getting worse. I think Citigroup is really going down (I'm not trying to start a bank run here). This is all too similar to the lead up to Lehman's collapse though the US gahmen will probably step in to bail it out. If you've got too much money in there, its time to take some out and put it in any other non-American bank right now.

I'm still hoping for another major leg down to unravel in the coming weeks. Maybe a little upside when Obama starts as President and Barry Lee announces the Budget 2009 (more goodies for us common folk please!) but afterthat when reporting season goes into full swing, we should see some major global downside.

Hang on to your cash, keep your family close, and hunker down in the office. Be safe, all.

And try to manage a smile whenever you can :)

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