Thursday, November 20, 2008

And So The Streak Ends

Was fun while it lasted. I'm refering to our winning streak. We lost to Arthur Allens 2 - 5. Xianz, we'd surely have beaten them if we had more than the 5 people who turned up!

Oh well season 2 is finally over and we did better than our first so thats a good thing. Season 3 starts next week.

Was dining in Au Petit Salut last night with some HNW guests. I gotta says Chef Karl's food were seriously pretty good! Add to that the wine pairing with each course and I was in heaven with our very own Craig Russell for company.

Can't ask for more.

Tomorrow my secondment as PAM stand-in is finally over! Whooot! I've learned soooo much the last 2 weeks and it did cause abit of stress but hey, now that its almost over, it was fun lookin' back.

Looking forward to the weekend...

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