Saturday, July 26, 2008

No 5 Emerald Hill

Celebrated Alex's birthday last night at No 5 Emerald Hill. Its a nice little pub on Emerald Hill beside Ice Cold Beer, tucked nicely up a hill behind CentrePoint. Great place to chill (and get drunk).

Prior to that we had an awesome Chinese dinner (possibly my most expensive ever!) at Lei Gardens. First time I had lobster sashimi for starters with a lobster the length of my computer keyboard. Abalone, Peking Duck, Steamed Garoupa, you name it, we ordered it. Topped it up with more champagne and beer.

I also bought my first sex toy! Eugene and I thought it'd be a great idea to buy him a blow-up doll so we went to that House of Condoms place at Lucky Plaza. Expensive, but really cool! With 3 penetrable holes! If I could afford it I would've bought the glow in the dark version though! I think Alex is possibly using it right now...

The few of us shared a bottle of vodka (Smirnoff) while Eugene and I offed him with his first Waterfall in Singapore. I think he was pretty smashed at the end.

And the night before Eugene, J, Youlong and myself were checking out Thumper on their Ladies night which turned out lousy because it rained. We had chanced upon the place the previous Friday after the company bowling event. Even still, we managed to consume a bottle and a half of Martell while drunkedly serenaded by a youthful-looking John Molina and band.

My birthday on Monday came and went pretty normally, though I surprised to have received so many birthday greetings (you guys remembered?!). Really very much appreciated. I assume putting your birthday down on Friendster and Facebook helps.

Dinner was with the wifey at Ang Mo Kio Mcdonalds. Haha. Somehow it was a simple and enjoyable experience given the series of events that led up to it.

Next week is the Summer party! In Bintan!

Good luck to me!!!!

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