Monday, April 14, 2008

Physical Restructuring

The wifey's back from Japan! *no comments*

Went back to the office today and saw the newly arranged front office. I actually love it! My new seat's got pretty bad fengshui cuz its facing the back door, but at least I get to see everyone who walks into the office. And my 3 computer screens effectively provide me with a little enclave of privacy! And the views pretty good when I look up too! Then I get to interact with my whole team so much more easily now and I'm happy with all the people seating around me, where there's tons of buzz. Lets just hope that the work that keeps piling up will hit a plateau soon.

Sometimes certain knowledge of something unwanted or feared, throws life into a whole new perspective. On the one hand, there is genuine fear of the possible worst that could happen and questions are raised as to how it could happen and how it was caused. On the other hand, there is the constant struggle to decide how best to mitigate this piece of news, how to tell the world it is nothing serious and how to react to the questions that you yourself cannot answer. And how to prepare everyone, including yourself for what might happen.

Come what may.

I just want you to know that I will be there whenever you need me, for better or for worse, and I will ride with you through your darkest fears and deepest sorrows. To support you and to hold you, and to guide you along this new chapter that we've inevitably flipped to.

As long as you allow me to embark on this journey with you, I promise to firmly hold your hand and face all your fears and challenges with the fiercest of defiance and resistance together.

People say that God works is the most mysterious ways. Stay optimistic and positive, and let us be guided along this journey together and we will all come out stronger for this.

I love you.

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