Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back From The Philippines

Came back on Sunday. Was quite a fruitful trip. We met some obscenely rich people and had a really good outing. Hopefully it means more trips to come. Trip was highlighted by several memorable moments including an incident involving Arnold and Youlong that we will still talk about when we're 50yrs old.

Humbled by the poverty there. The rich and poor divide is just so wide that one just can't help feeling sorry. Even Jason says he'll quit partying out late anymore. I'll believe it only when I see it.

Been so much busier with work these days. Middle management is taking its toll, but this is not a place to complain.

We bought a Nintendo Wii! Unfortunately I don't find it as fun as I remembered it to be. Maybe its more for groups thats all. Playing it alone is just no fun at all. Next stop is an Xbox for myself. That should kick some ass.

Sofa's coming in this weekend!

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