Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dong Dong Dong Qiang

Its been a hectic CNY!

Reunion was spent at Long Beach East Coast with the family. Had a sumptuous dinner there.

Chu 1 started with going back home to bai nian, followed by going up to tai pak pak's place where the relatives gathered. Not the most exciting but festive nonetheless. The wifey was almost bored to bits, as were we. But we had another sumptuous dinner at Long Beach East Coast yet again (this time it was the main branch)! Dinner was with gu gu and her son and his wifey. The dinner was more spectacular.

Chu 2 started with heading to the wifey's parent's home. Shortly afterthat we shipped them to our home at Sengkang and decided to prepare dinner for them! Actually it was only a maggie mee dinner with crabmeat and pork balls, coupled with yu sheng. Still it was a huge success and everyone was happy. The brother-in-law and his wifey also joined. Further on at night we waited for Xiaohui and boyfriend to join us for mahjong at our place. Played till damn late, highlighted at first by the wifey's auspicious waiting of a final card that was already fully used up by herself in a kong. Ting zi ji de si pai (wait for her own dead card). Secondly was Xiaohui's two time za hu (wrong win). The first time her boyfriend told her she couldn't game with the cards she had, she went to do it yet again. But being the magnanimous folks we are, we asked her to keep her cards backs.

Chu 3 was at Bock Lian's home. We were worried that the turnout would be really bad, but it became overwhelming when we got there. We had us 2 plus Bock Lian, Leon, Shujun, Guoxin, Yiling (Guoxin's gf), Shumei, Roy, Zhiqi, Mingxi, Gladys, Alex (Gladys's bf). Had lotsa fun playing the Wii and then Blackjack after that. We then had to leave early to get to Joy's place for potluck dinner. Luckily it was in nearby Pasir Ris. Turnout was also better than expected, Joy and Bryan's parents and themselves whipped up a slurpalicious dinner for us all. We had us 2, Joy, Bryan, Jinde, Tsen Yeow, Conghui, Yushuang, Yushuang's bf, Chewyan, Mike (Chewyan's husband), Laetitia (Chewyan's daughter), Junming, Daniel. Next JC gathering will probably be at our home for housewarming.

Chu 4 was a relaxed day for me. The wifey is with her JC friends at Bock Lian's place again while I've got no program. Drove all the way down to Qian Hu fishfarm and ended up buying a full 4ft tank set with stand, filter, pump, lighting etc. Taking delivery next week or so. So exciting!

Thats about it for my CNY update.


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