Sunday, October 03, 2021

Manchester United 1 Everton 1

 For the second consecutive week, my wifey and kids watch the game at home with me! 

How amazing is that? I don’t remember my wife being remotely interested in watching Man United games  since our dating days, like 10-15 years ago?!

Anyway it made me very happy and proud.

But yet, Man U disappointed yet again!

Just like last weekend, we played with no structure, it wasn’t a team performance, and goodness gracious our defence was shambolic.

Fred is disgustingly poor.

AWB was rotten offensively.

Martial was terrible except for his goal.

It saddens me to have to be upset in front of my wife and kids over such a lousy performance.

This game really can be pinned on OGS failing to shore things up.

If this is how we’ll play all season, we might end up mid table.

Then Ole should really leave.

Hopefully he can turn things around.


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