Sunday, July 25, 2021

Super Six Phase III Gathering


This was during the short-lived month-long Phase III.

We'd just gotten out of Phase II HA (first iteration) and wanted to celebrate MALI's housewarming. 

Finally the chance to get together under the newest guidelines.

We hadn't seen each other for very long and finally this was a good chance to catch up and have a drink.

And fun it was. 

We drank from 5pm to 12 midnight and all we did was talk and talk and talk. 

Such good times and such a good catch up. 

Sometimes we really live for these little things. 

I actually went out of my way to buy a whole carton of large Asahi beer. Bought them in Raffles Place and then lugged it all the way to MALI's house in Bedok.

Lo and behold, we actually managed to finish it all haha.


And now.

Back to Phase II HA again.

Damn you KTV hum sup los!

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