Friday, April 10, 2020

Circuit Breaker 2020

In the midst of Singapore's fight against COVID-19, we are now undergoing the locally termed Circuit Breaker, or CB for short.

Basically its a semi-lockdown.

So today is Good Friday and we are stuck at home all through the weekend.

Times are different in this virus situation.

There's no sport or musical or arts events anymore.

There're movie reruns on TV that's all.

Meals are usually home-cooked.

Occasionally we can still dabao to support the local hawkers and restaurants.

Only essential services are allowed to continue with business.

My company is considered an essential business, which is why I still go into work as normal.

All shopping centers and restaurants are closed.

Schools are also closed.

There're very little people and cars on the streets these days.

We're not allowed to visit family staying in a different address.

Only the parks and beaches are still open and some people are still exercising there.

This is our life for the next month.

Hopefully the situation gets better.

Surprisingly, life at home is not too bad.

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