Sunday, March 08, 2020

Favourite Mobile Games Now

Since the last time I blogged about this, I've decided to do an update of the mobile/online games that I currently play to reflect the trends of the online gaming industry on me.

So here are the games I play now.

Clash Of Clans
Yup, still on this for six years now. How amazing is that?
Our Saxo clan is still very much alive, although we are struggling to recruit new players to the clan. Newly upgraded to TH13, this account still has minimal defences so as to have as low a war match-up rating as I can. I still maintain two other accounts, both also at TH13 which are very well upgraded.

Pokemon GO
Here's another oldie but goodie. I currently maintain four accounts, two are at level 40 fully maxed, one is at level 35, and one is at level 34 which was my wife's account but she doesn't play it anymore. Look at how powerful my mons are! Still quite enjoyable as there are still new Pokemons being released.

Fantasy Premier League (FPL)

This office tradition is still going strong. Based on the English Premier League, that so many of us are fans of, we have a common pool in office going and it is rather competitive. This year with 8 games to go I am languishing in 10th place, sadly. Does not look likely that I can come into top 3.

The latest craze is also from the COC makers, SuperCell. This is another addictive games of PvP that is taking over the world. Currently operating three accounts, with this one at 6,700+ trophies being the leader. What is interesting is that my son is really into this game, my daughter knows how to play it, and most importantly, my wife is really addicted to it too. She's almost as high level as this account!

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