Sunday, January 03, 2016

Hello 2016, Goodbye 2015!

Wow. How fast 2015 passed.

It hasn't been the best year in many aspects, but it is overall a satisfactory year. The year started off with my finances being hit very badly. Then I had my very memorable Shanghai stint. And then it was all about consolidation thereafter.

Certainly not a bad year, but as you can see below based on the resolutions of 2015, it hasn't been that good either. So here's to hoping that 2016 will bring in more cheer, good health, wealth and prosperity!

Here's last year's review.

And here're 2015 resolutions early on one year ago.

The review:

1) Have 6 Month's Pay In Cold, Hard Cash FAILED
Truth is, after getting hit by THIS EVENT, I totally wiped out a very huge chunk of my savings and investments. It will take awhile to get back to the same level, but I believe with perseverance and determination, it will be done and surpassed.

2) Achieve $500/mth Dividend Income Stream FAILED
Again, another failure here. Maybe in 2016 this might be possible once more.

3) Exercise Twice A Week FAILED
2015 was the year I went back to futsal. It was also the year I suffered more injuries. The latest one being a pretty bad ankle injury which has kept me out eversince. I mean I probably can go back to the pitch but I am honestly comtemplating retirement. It also means I don't exercise anymore :(

4) Spend Even More Time With Family FAILED
Considering my 3 month Shanghai stint, I consider this a failure. However things have gotten alot better and I think 2016 will be better. I think we also made the right choice regarding that HUGE decision to relocate. Obviously with the benefit of hindsight.

5) Maintain Social Circle PASSED
Hard to measure but I'll give myself a pass on this. Still making the effort to catch up with old friends. Even got to be brother for a very good friend's wedding.

There you have it. Not a good year on the resolutions front, but I think I signed off the year pretty well and things are looking on the up. Stay tuned for Resolutions 2016!

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