Sunday, December 13, 2015

AFC Bournemouth 2 Manchester United 1

Quite disillusioned by the whole LVG philosophy. If results aren't going our way, injuries are piling up, then the least I expected was a good game plan where the kids are properly utilized. 

No, the game plan was non-existent and the players didn't know what to do. Add to that the really weird substitutions - I mean seriously, taking out the most potent attacking threat (Fellaini) for a rookie attacking midfielder (Powell)?! What gives? Mata was woeful, why wasn't he replaced?

It's getting very demoralizing, especially knowing that yesterday's game could've been won and and class we had was definitely good enough with the right tactics. Too many players ball watching as well.

Didn't help that I wasted a good nights sleep by staying up till 4am.

Just terrible.

LVG had to go.


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