Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fatherhood Reflections XV - Guilt-trippin'

Last night brought the kids to see toys and actually bought them some toys. 

Then they get so caught up playing at the kiddie cars hat they forgot all about their toys.

So when we were going home I deliberately hid the toys in the backseat and waited for them to remember about said toys.

When they started asking for it, I feigned surprise that I didn't know where they were! It must've been left behind at the shopping center!

Oh no!

Cue very sad silence throughout the entire car ride.

Finally, when we reached home, the boy asked,

"Papa, Monday we wake up and go to school then after school can we go to shopping center to find out toys?"

"No. The toys won't be there anymore." I said.

Cue mega sad face.

The girl is already crying because she had left her favourite toy in school and I kept telling her it was lost forever.

I parked the car and turned on the lights and pretended to search for it to no avail. Pretended to sigh at the futility of our search in the car. The kids are still minutely hopeful yet bordering given up.

Finally we opened the door on the girl's side and she sees the plastic bag with the toys inside!

A joyous scream of the find from the girl, while the boy runs over to verify. The toys were there all along! Happiness! 

Boy and girl's moods change completely to happiness and relief. Boy kisses his new toy, calls his little sister "the best toy finder", even puts his arm around her in minor celebration. Girl is über proud of her contribution.

Kids love their new toys.

Alls well that ends well.


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