Thursday, April 18, 2013

West Ham 2 Manchester United 2


Dunno if it's two points dropped or a lucky point earned away to West Ham last night.

We haven't been very good in our games lately. With five games remaining, we will just need to win two and the title is ours. Or to drag the anxiousness further, we could also win one more and draw two, and win on superior goal difference.

We have got Villa at home (W), then Arsenal away (D), then Chelsea at home (L), Swansea at home (W), WBA away (D) left to play.

That's right, as you can see, I don't have much confidence right now, but even then, we'll probably still nudge past the finish line. Hopefully our results don't get worse than what I've predicted.

And that's to say City has to win their remaining six games as well. They are flying high right now but hopefully they can drop at least two points to gift us the title. Last night they struggled to beat Wigan 1-0 at home so it might be a good sign they're running out of steam. Problem is I can't really see where that's going to come from, so I've taken to betting $50 for a City win in every game till the end of the season. Winning easy money always eases the heartaches.

Well done to RVP though, his scoring spree has begun again. Kagawa also deserves a mention. It is this season's new boys who're pushing us across the finishing line. DDG has had a splendid season as well so I hope they win the title this season. It will be a memorable one for them.

Rooney to PSG done deal? Dunno what to make of that but I'm not gonna be very upset given what he did to the club in 2010, here, here and here (I actually devoted FOUR blogposts to his silly saga). Hopefully we will strengthen our squad in midfield though. I hope Chico and Welbz stay to continue their good work for the club.



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