Monday, December 31, 2012

Hello 2013, Goodbye 2012

It's new year's eve, so thought I'd get this out of the way and start thinking about my 2013 resolutions and how I should try harder to achieve them.

2012 hasn't been as fantastic as I'd hoped. But there were things to cheer about nonetheless.

Here was last year's review.

Without boring everyone with further specifics,here is this year's resolution review:

1) Eat more healthily PASS
I managed to reduce my cholesterol level this year. While it's still high, it is something to cheer about. All the weekly football sessions have helped. Hopefully I can continue to work on that. Plus mega cut down on alcohol too.

2) Exercise more PASS
As mentioned above, two football sessions a week paid dividends. Sadly that has stopped for the time being. I'm hoping it resumes after the new year.

3) Double savings FAIL
This is definitely one of the low points of the year. I not only didn't double my savings, I might have not saved anything at all. Don't get me started.

4) Spend more time with family PASS
This one was commendable. Regular heavy alcohol consumption is at a standstill (something I'm actually quite proud of), and if I'm not at work I'm on my way home. Time spent on the kids and family has gone up. Hopefully that leads to good things.

5) Spend more time with friends FAIL
It's not even about being selective anymore. There is hardly any time for that these days when you have two kids in the house and your work requires that you travel so often. Moreover with kids the conversations also start to turn segregated. There are singles/married no kids/married with kids conversations these days. People definitely look left out. I'll definitely need to work on this aspect if I'm to salvage some of the friendships I think I'm losing.

6) Trade with more discipline FAIL
EPIC FAIL this one. Maybe I should just stop trading altogether. This will not feature in 2013 resolutions!

So as we move into the new year, I'm wishing everyone good health, wealth and prosperity! Treasure all your loved ones and spend more time with them!

Resolutions 2013 coming up next!

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