Monday, May 07, 2012

Samsung Vs Apple

The war between Samsung and Apple has been ongoing for a very long time.

But as much as I got the feeling that Samsung seemed to have better technology, Apple just had the brand and style that drew consumers to its products in ways we cannot explain. Hence we always assumed Apple had a more commanding presence in the retail sphere.

Then since last week or so, while taking the train, my casual train-carriage-sample-group test drew in a surprisingly refreshing result. In the train carriage I was on each time, I could count more Samsung (mainly the Galaxy Note/Tab) users than Apple (only the iPhone what else?) users. Note that this very accurate yet simple sample test actually predicted the demise of the Palm, the Nokia phone and the Blackberry (or at least properly predicted their fall from grace).

This only means one thing: AAPL is going down. Down to Chinatown.

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