Monday, February 27, 2012

Norwich 1 Manchester United 2


How many times must the team put us through such games.

1. Giggs scored the winner in the 92nd minute of his 900th appearance for Manchester United. What a way to celebrate his longevity. Plus he was good enough to last almost the whole game. The guy should just get a knighthood already!
2. Scholes, who scored the first goal was another oldie who deserved praise, pulling all the right strings in midfield and keeping it buzzing nicely until Norwich's goal in the 83rd minute.
3. The rest of the outfielders really didn't play very well today. Notably Nani, Hernandez and Jones were really out of sync.
4. While Hernandez was replaced by Ashley Young, it baffles me that Nani could stay on all game. The boy hardly got a cross right and it seems as though he was instructed not to dribble,
5. The only good mention otherwise, is my MOTM, David de Gea. He's been getting tons of criticism but the last few games especially this one, were outstanding. I think he made at least 5 brilliant saves to keep us in the game today.
6. The combination of Evans and Ferdinand is very good, though not rock solid, but they provide very good protection for de Gea, especially during crosses and corners. Can't wait for Vidic to be back.
7. Somehow without Rooney, the team just doesn't seem to have much of an attacking verve.
8. Carrick and Scholes combo in midfield is very good too. Not outstanding, but good enough. It's obvious that Scholes can only last 70 minutes a game.
9. Evra and Welbeck definitely try the hardest. Somehow they don't play exceptionally well, but their work rate and effort to lunge for every ball is commendable. Once again, not outstanding but good enough.
10. Arsenal came back from 0-2 down to win 5-2 against Spurs. Seems like Spurs have a bad habit of conceding comeback goals. Good news is Parker got a red card so he can't face us next weekend!


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