Saturday, September 24, 2011

Owen Hargreaves Is Such A Joke

Back when he was with United, he was crowing about how good and patient the medical staff were.

Now that he's gone over the City, he's said he was treated like a guinea pig and questioned the professionalism of United's medical staff.

I used to have a soft spot for him but that's all gone.

This is one really sour guy now that he's jumped to the other side of the fence.

It makes me wonder what his motivations are. Is he that sore (pardon the pun) that he never got the playing time he felt he deserved at United? Is he trying to win over City fans by slagging his past employers? Has he no gratitude for the 3yrs of medical treatments on a £60K per week contract he was on an ending up playing only 6 mins in those 3 years?

Fucking jerk.

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