Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bintan, NSM, Ambassador's Cup, Shorex

Wow. Really long time no blog.

I know alot of you have been wondering what happened. Everything's fine, just that I haven't found much time to blog that's all. Plus I'm so lazy these days after work.

Anyway we were in Bintan some three weeks ago with the wifey's yao nu friends and boyfriends! Had a HUGE villa chalet that had 5 rooms and 2 levels and a private pool. Was real fun cuz we played all sorts of silly games and cooked most of our meals ourselves. Felt like secondary school chalet all over again. Too bad our private buggy ran out of batteries, else we could've gone buggy racing too haha.

The following weekend I actually went with the wifey to the National Singapore Museum. I think its almost like one of Singapore best kept secrets largely because no Singaporeans seem to be going there when its like right in front of all of us! Its so beautiful and the whole experience comes with a self guided electronic set that talks to you and explains stuff to you as you walk. I seriously wonder why its been such a secret all this while. The whole interactive experience for just 10 bucks! I seriously think every single one of you who consider yourselves Singaporeans should go at least once this year. Serious!

Then there was the Ambassador's Cup last weekend. Ben, Eugene, youlong and myself formed a flight and we played together in a Texas Scramble style golf tournament at the Palm Resort in JB. Damn fun! But little did we realise that the standard there was just so freaking high! Together, we shot a 90, which was a respectable bogey average. But when we got back to the clubhouse, we realised to our horror that everyone else had scores of below 70?!?! I mean what the freak is that?!?! Anyway we had a sumptuous dinner that evening by the pool and then the club organizers had the cheek to embarass us (was in good fun and we were in sporting mood) and gave us a loser's prize. Haiz. A pair of kids flippers and apple wine. What an insult. Then we had to jump into the pool! Argh. And then to top it off, our GPS system directed us to the wrong causeway! Wah lan!

Today was at Shorex Wealth Management Expo. Quite high level but was quite interesting.

Ok, tired liao, will update another time soon!

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