Sunday, February 01, 2009

Homely Weekend

Chilling at home is always a good thing. Take stock of everything good around you and erase all bitter thoughts and unwarranted worries. Life is still good for us all, isn't it?

My fishtank is clogged with water grass and hydrillas! Its filled up the left side of the tank (where they get to bask in full sunlight glory) after growing so fast that the fishes have gotta chill out near to the filter (or risk getting cut by the sharp blades). Prawn population is having a field day considering that they have so much undergrowth to hide under. Fish population dwindling since anything that gets injured is now shrimp food.

Been a long time since I had Fei Fei's wanton noodles at Joo Chiat. Good stuff though the service is still as poor and the you tiao and fish cake is expensive as ever. And you still have to DIY get your own bowl of soup. Delicious nonetheless!

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