Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mini Stag

Had a Mini Stag night at Luna last night after getting drunk at Urban Fairways. Golf and beer is always a potent mix. Think I'll have to go to the gym to sweat off the alcohol yet again.

Lost to BNP Paribas FC 2-6 on Thursday playing with almost just 5 guys throughout the game. Puui! I hate losing all the time. I'll stop Seaason 3 from happening if we end up last in the league this season. We're currently 3rd from bottom with 1 win and 4 losses. Cui.

Wedding preparations are kicking into high gear. Wifey is doing quite alot so I just try to help out as best as I can and try not to fuck things up. Less than a month to go before our big day!

Didn't mention about Wifey's birthday dinner at all on 30th August, but we went to eat at Tatsuya, a Jap restaurant at the old Crowne Prince Hotel. Hotly recommended by my good friend, Fann Wong (haha!).

A Chef's Recco set for each of us cost me a bomb at half a grand. Each sushi/sashimi dish felt like I was running along the white sandy beach beaches of Hokkaido, shawl flagging in the breezy north eastern wind. Was THAT good. The clincher was the sashimi starters. Either you could still taste the throbbing freshness of just-dead fish or taste the sea water off the Japanese coast. No joke!

Am I finally getting another Ipod Nano? *bated breath*

Man United v Liverpool tonight. Crunch time!!

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