Thursday, June 12, 2008

Embarassed Yet Again

As if the last time we were thrashed wasn't bad enough, today seriously took the cake. By the end of the match I just dried up, packed my stuff and left in a huff. We only had 4 guys playing against 5 in the first half while the others were late. What can I say? In the end we were thrashed 1-9 by Credit Suisse. Who, by the way, sucked. But we sucked even worse. Like a broken '70s vacuum cleaner or a 60yr-old hooker.


I really don't know what to say. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother playing soccer for the company.

On a separate note, I had to quickly post something before I get more and more flak for my ordeal post prior to this one! All the ladies in the world are trying to murder me for baotoh-ing this painful process! I swear! Hopefully this post is long enough that people won't notice the earlier post.

What so good about that post anyway that its gotta be reposted on several blogs? Not that I mind but obviously NO ONE reads the first line warning where its supposed to be read ONLY BY BOYS!!!

Comic Con coming soon!!! Whoot!!!!

Anyone interested to catch prawns and snails at Pierce reservoir? I need more snails to help eat the algae-infested waters in my tank.

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